Trump says he will look at Thiel's treason accusations on Google

Trump says he will look at Thiel's treason accusations on Google

Trump says he will look at Thiel's treason accusations on Google

President Trump said Tuesday that his administration will "take a look" into Google after billionaire investor Peter Thiel accused the tech giant of having "treasonous" ties to China.

Thiel was speaking at a meeting in Washington of the National Conservatism Conference when he raised questions about Google's relationship with China.

Mr Thiel also questioned why Google had made "the seemingly treasonous decision to work with the Chinese military" but not that of the US.

There are no public reports that Google has been infiltrated by any Chinese intelligence officials and the company claimed Thiel's accusations were completely baseless. The event was organized by the Edmund Burke Foundation and served as an effort to unite conservative thinkers under one roof.

Thiel, who sits on Facebook's board and co-founded PayPal, criticized Google for doing business with China and not the US military.

Trump signaled there will be a United States investigation after Thiel over the weekend suggested that Google has been actively working with the Chinese military instead of the U.S. armed forces - and that top management has become a hotbed for Chinese spies. Thiel, through his fellowship organization, didn't immediately respond to a request for additional comment.

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A rep for Google refuted Thiel's allegations.

The speech echoed a tweet by Trump in March accusing Google of "helping China and their military, but not the US".

Thiel also reportedly called for America's top universities to lose their non-profit status. (FB.O) board member, singled out Google for agreeing to work closely with China, trying to get its search engine back into the country, while deciding to let lapse a U.S. Defense Department contract that gave the military access to its artificial intelligence tools.

Monday's Fox News interview concluded with Thiel's comments about the presidential race: "Elizabeth Warren is the unsafe one".

He said the Federal Bureau of Investigation and CIA should investigate whether Chinese intelligence has infiltrated Google.

"Google is not a patriotic company", he told the network. She has called for breaking up Big Tech companies like Facebook and Google.

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