Preview Lil Wayne’s ‘Old Town Road’ Remix

Preview Lil Wayne’s ‘Old Town Road’ Remix

Preview Lil Wayne’s ‘Old Town Road’ Remix

The gag has inspired a flood of Area 51- and alien-themed memes lately, and since Lil Nas X is the meme king of 2019, he has gotten in on the fun.

With his little ditty that has absolutely been stuck in my head for the better part of the last couple of months, Lil Nas X has now found himself sitting very comfortably in the saddle on top of the charts for a whopping 15 weeks.

On Saturday, a snippet of Lil Wayne rapping over the "Old Town Road" instrumental surfaced online which legitimized the rumor that the rapper is featured on a remix to the record-breaking song.

"I feel like he probably shouldn't have told the world, because these days-motherf***ers is just all judgement", Thug said.

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Young Thug feels it would have been better if Lil Nas X kept his sexuality a secret.

Back in March, Billboard said the song "does not embrace enough elements of today's country music". "Soon as ['Old Town Road"] comes on everybody's like, "This gay ass nigga.' Niggas don't even care to listen to the song no more". "It's just like, to certain people, you know what I'm saying?"

"I really f*ck with Lil Nas X", Thugger continues.

"Maserati ridin', got a V12 for my bride (Skrrt)/Foggy rocky road, got a three-wheeler inside (Ayy)", raps Thug, adding, "All I wanna do is take a pill, catch a chill vibe/Real prince, I'm realer than the real don". He responded: "i got y'all for free! let's do this shit". During Pride [Month]. That was a G's move. So I was like: "'F***, he should have never said that, never should have told them'".

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