Huawei planning major job cuts in the US

Huawei planning major job cuts in the US

Huawei planning major job cuts in the US

But he said beyond technical considerations, there may be "geopolitical grounds" for the government to ban Huawei's equipment. Previously, the U.S. government has banned Huawei products due to supposedly being a security threat.

"Over the next three years, we will invest USD 1.9 billion in Italy for the acquisition of supplies and USD 1.2 billion in operations and marketing, with USD 52 million in research and development", Miao added.

MPs have concluded that there is no technical reason why Huawei should be excluded from the UK's telecoms infrastructure but have suggested there are ethical and political reasons for a ban.

The MPs, who sit on the Science and Technology Committee, reviewed the security of the UK's communication infrastructure to establish if allowing Huawei to be a part of 5G in the country would cause problems.

"The Government needs to consider whether the use of Huawei's technology would jeopardise this country's ongoing co-operation with our major allies", Lamb said. According to correspondence seen by The Sunday Telegraph, US President Donald Trump's administration has warned that a failure to ban Huawei could jeopardize the UK's chances of cutting a favorable trade deal after Britain leaves the European Union.

According to the ban announced mid-May, Huawei is no longer allowed to work with companies based in the United States and use their products, and this involves its own R&D subsidiary.

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On the other hand, companies are still waiting for a Telecoms Supply Chain Review, to help them get a clearer picture on the issue of supply chains.

A report was expected to arrive in the Spring but has not yet materialised.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, in charge of the 5G review, said in late April he intended the results to be made public by the election.

Such a delay is highly likely to be seen as an irritant to Canada based telecommunications companies including Telus Corp. and BCE Inc., as these companies can not move forwards with their plans to build wireless 5G networks until the Canadian government takes a call on the issue.

As things stand, all four United Kingdom major operators plan to limit Huawei's involvement to "non-core" infrastructure, such as radio access networks.

Referring to a recent report from the GCHQ-led Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre that found "significant technical issues" in Huawei's engineering practices that could create a security risk, MPs said Huawei "must improve the standards of its cybersecurity".

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