Google's Waze Now Shows Toll Prices

George Washington Bridge Toll Plaza

George Washington Bridge Toll Plaza

However, the concept is obviously to offer riders the choice of avoiding tolls while also assisting them to evaluate whether they have the money at their disposal. Drivers communicate and operate together to enhance the riding knowledge of each other.

Waze warns that toll prices can vary due to a series of factors, as the toll company can set its own prices for a specific road.

Toll prices are only supposed for private cars, taxis, and motorcycles, so no information is available for buses or trucks.

Navigation apps like Google Maps have long indicated toll roads, but Waze's feature goes one step further by letting you know what you'll be paying if you take one, and the kind of cash you're going to need if you don't have a pass. What it does give you is an estimate based on the information that other drivers give on the app. But unlike the others, Waze now shows you where the toll roads are and exactly how much they'll cost you.

The toll information feature will begin rolling out today and covers toll routes in the US and Canada.

The Waze update is now rolled out for both, Android and iOS smartphone users. Around 40 states in the USA have at least one toll road. But you'll see the prices up front when you start your journey, instead of waiting until you arrive at toll roads. What's more, some of those tolls are dynamic and can have different prices depending on time of day, direction, type of auto, occupants, and more.

Google has recently added the support of its Google Assistant to the Waze app. Also, if you like our efforts, consider sharing this story with your friends, this will encourage us to bring more exciting updates for you.