Terrifying Moment Theme Park Ride Collapses Mid-Air

Vinay Dalvi via Twitter									Pendulum swing ride at Kankria Lakefront

Vinay Dalvi via Twitter Pendulum swing ride at Kankria Lakefront

"How that pipe broke is a matter of investigation by the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL)".

The main shaft of the ride is said to have broken as it began to gain speed and height, pulling everyone on board to the ground along with the mechanism.

Two people were killed in the tragedy, while 15 others were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries, Vijay Nehra, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) commissioner, said.

He, as well as Mayor Bijal Patel, said a detailed investigation would be carried to ascertain the reason for the accident and strict action would be initiated the private company, which operated the joy ride if necessary.

The victims were identified as Manali Rajvadi, 24, and Mohammed Zaid Momin, 22.

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Authorities quickly evacuated the park after the ride's fatal malfunction and are investigating into what caused the cable to break. The pendulum swing ride, which swings for side to side and also revolves anti-clockwise around the center base, was only four years old. The "Discovery" joyride Balvatika Amusement Park was in the form of a pendulum. Her father said she could be maimed for life, facing permanent loss of her eyesight.

People rush to help those stuck on the ride.

No children were present on the ride. "We are collecting information regarding the ride's individual parts, how were they assembled and the sequence of assembling to understand more about the mishap", said Bhatt, according to The Indian Express.

The theme park, in the city of Ahmedabad, was mostly full of young people in their early twenties, local media reported.

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