United Kingdom envoy said Trump ditched Iran deal to spite Obama

President Trump made the comments as he left the White House this morning

President Trump made the comments as he left the White House this morning

On other policies, Jeremy Hunt failed to distinguish himself as foreign secretary, and recently come down against the United States in relation to the ambassadorial controversy, suggesting that a USA free trade deal would be more problematic under him, said Collins.

The Conservative leadership contender admitted he should have been more supportive of Sir Kim Darroch, and acknowledged that his refusal to explicitly back the ambassador had been a factor in his decision to step down.

Following his resignation police launched a criminal investigation into the origins of the leak with Scotland Yard's Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu saying there was a "clear public interest" in bringing those responsible to justice.

The British government has launched an investigation into the leaks, while police are also looking into a potential breach of the Official Secrets Act. However, you are now also responsible for diverting busy detectives from undertaking their core mission.

Sir Kim's resignation precipitated frequent toughen for him - to boot to criticism of Tory management frontrunner Boris Johnson. You can stop this now.

In his statement, Basu urged the person or people who leaked the memos to turn themselves in. Turn yourself in at the earliest opportunity, explain yourself and face the consequences.

Basu said that the publication of the leaked memos, if the person who leaked knew or suspected the damage it would cause, "may be a criminal matter". He asked "owners, editors and publishers" to refrain from releasing any further information relating to the disclosures.

The memos said rumours of "infighting and chaos" in the White House were mostly true.

Within the emails leaked to the Mail on Sunday, Sir Kim said: "We build not if fact be told hold this administration goes to change into substantially more fashioned; less dysfunctional; less unpredictable; less faction-riven; less diplomatically clumsy and inept".

Another expert, David Collins, professor of worldwide economic law at City, University of London and author of Negotiating Brexit: The Legal Basis for European Union and Global Trade, said it appears as though Boris Johnson is poised to become the new PM as he is generally more well liked by the Conservative Party membership and has been more explicit about how he will respond to Brexit. "People are shaken by what has happened".

But in an interview with the BBC's Andrew Neil, Mr Johnson said that, when he spoke to Sir Kim by telephone, the ambassador told him he had not seen the debate himself although somebody had told him about Mr Johnson's comments.

Rivals to succeed UK Prime Minister Theresa May Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt appeared on an ITV debate 9 July as part of the race to 10 Downing Street, clashing over Brexit and the Kim Darroch leak.