Twitter down ahead of United States social media summit

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President Donald Trump plans to meet with conservatives this afternoon at a "social media summit" to address allegations that Facebook and Twitter are suppressing conservative speech.

All Americans have the right to speak freely, not just supporters of one political party or another, President Donald Trump told social media platforms at a White House "summit" featuring mainly influencers who have supported him.

When Mr Trump, who has more than 61 million Twitter followers, met with the site's chief executive, Jack Dorsey, in April, he spent significant time asking why he had lost followers, a source told Reuters.

The letter said such demands would violate the Constitution's First Amendment on free expression.

Lawmakers bristled at the summit: Many said that the Trump administration had missed an opportunity to explore real challenges facing social media ahead of the 2020 election, amid heightened fears about the spread of hate speech and even harder-to-detect viral falsehoods.

Amid the sea of suits, several red Trump campaign hats and rubber bracelets popped out. "Fox, CNN, insane MSNBC", he said.

Facebook and Twitter were not invited, and Trump bashed the companies for censoring right-wing voices.

Trump said: "We have awful bias, we have censorship like nobody can believe".

"This has the appearance not of a social media summit but a political rally and call for the right", said Democratic Sen.

Trump acknowledged criticism about the online behavior of some conservative users of social media. "Some of you guys are out there - but even you should have a voice", Trump said. "The crap you think of is unbelievable", Trump said. "I mean it's genius - but it's bad".

Among other gaffes, Trump has also spelled the name of his wife wrong, mangled idioms like scot-free , and had his posts spell-checked by Captain America himself, Chris Evans . In March he signed an executive order requiring US colleges and universities to maintain "free speech" on campus if they want to continue receiving federal research funds, and last September he suggested that the license of television network NBC could be challenged over its news reporting.

CNN's complaints had already resulted in the White House disinviting Ben Garrison, a web cartoonist and Trump supporter.

At a White House social media "summit," Trump excluded internet firms from the gathering of conservative activists who have been curbed on social media.

The White House recently launched a new tool for people to report if they have been wrongly censored, banned or suspended on Facebook and Twitter.

Republicans in Congress have held numerous hearings on the issue of alleged conservative bias on social media outlets. They want to keep those, they shouldn't discriminate.