Minecraft Earth Beta Coming To iOS This Month, Android 'Soon' After

Minecraft Earth Beta registration is now open

Minecraft Earth Beta registration is now open

Registering for Minecraft Earth is easy, and whether you get access to the closed beta or not, you'll get a guaranteed Minecraft skin that you can redeem with the redemption code that Minecraft will send on your email. Upon that plot, players can build whatever they like with the building blocks gathered from the world around them while playing the game.

Go to the Minecraft Earth page right here to sign up.

Minecraft always has been a video game about creativity. Instead of catching things you're going to create objects, and go on adventures that are akin to RPGs.

Players can share their virtual Minecraft Earth environment and forge friendships and cooperation within the game. Minecraft in augmented reality can be mind-blowing. If you haven't yet signed up for the beta, you can still do that on the Minecraft Earth's official website. Part of me would rather just be Minecraft Steve, though, just for the sake of nostalgia.

Now a new trailer for Minecraft Earth confirms that said closed beta will be available for select iOS users later this month, although a precise date is not mentioned by the developer on its blog. If you want to try out how this game will work in real, you can register for its closed beta version from the above-mentioned link.

If you are lucky enough to bag an invite, the new beta trailer below shows you what you can expect from Minecraft Earth early on. A Microsoft or Xbox Live account is also required during registration to get updates on the future release of the beta version.

Once you collect resources in the world you can then build using your camera on a flat surface, with different plates to choose from as you level up (which can be done by collecting Tappables).