How To Play The Hidden ‘Tennis Game’ On Google Search?

How To Play The Hidden ‘Tennis Game’ On Google Search?

How To Play The Hidden ‘Tennis Game’ On Google Search?

As the Wimbledon 2019 inches closer to the end, Google has quietly introduced a browser game which you can play on your phone as well as desktop.

Google has a habit of putting easter eggs for nearly everything.

One of the world's greatest and most famous tennis tournaments, Wimbledon, is entering its final stages in the United Kingdom, and many tennis fans will be watching the matches when they can, or subsequently searching for scores online to find the outcome of those they missed. It's essentially a slightly updated version of Pong, with cute 8-bit-style tennis players knocking a ball back and forth.

"To play the game, simply search "#wimbledon" in Google, scroll all the way to the right in the purple info box that shows up, and click the little tennis ball icon. Here's what you have to do to play the game.

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Sound fun? Of course it does, and who doesn't want to take a break every now and then? There's not much to the game itself, but it can get on your nerves because it's deceptively simple but hard to keep playing for long without missing shots, and one missed shot equals "game over".

Searching for Wimbledon-related results brings up a dedicated results box containing match information. You will see a graph featuring scores from different categories such as men's singles, women's singles and so on. This is what we're looking for.

The controls are extremely simple - you just use your left/right arrow keys on desktop, and tap on the left/right side of the court on mobile to move your player on the court. What do you do? Your score is the number of returns you deliver. It's genius, as always.

For tennis fans who are already experiencing withdrawals since the Wimbledon tournament is nearly over, Google has something to tide you over until the next Grand Slam event.

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