Amber Rudd U-turns on opposition to no-deal Brexit

Referee Host Julie Etchingham had to keep Mr Johnson and Mr Hunt in line

Referee Host Julie Etchingham had to keep Mr Johnson and Mr Hunt in line

The following day, July 24, Theresa May will speak at her final Prime Minister's Questions before heading to Buckingham Palace to resign as Prime Minister to the Queen.

"Boris is now promising everybody we'll leave on the 31st of October".

"I have made the decision to back Boris Johnson to be the next leader of the Conservative Party and future Prime Minister of our country as Brexit is a unique opportunity, and it needs to be realised with an optimistic and renewed vision of our future and not as we have seen a more defeatist approach to the European Union negotiations", she said.

"I sacrificed my job in order to try to get a deal". What people say to me is on the one hand that I stuck too firmly to my red lines, and on the other hand people say I gave up too much, I compromised too much.

"Because Boris never answers the questions, we have absolutely no idea what his premiership would be like", Mr Hunt said.

"Éstos son malos capitalistas, conmigo sí había capitalismo" — Cristina Kirchner
Algunos dicen que no cumplieron las promesas y ahí yo hago una diferencia entre promesas y mentiras'. En un país donde personas mueren de frio, lo mio es anecdótico.

Stefan Medina, opción de River Plate para reforzar su defensa
El futbolista antioqueño estuvo con la Selección Colombia en la Copa América 2019 , en la que disputó tres encuentros, todos como titular.

Carjacker beaten to death after stealing auto with small kids inside
Philadelphia police say the auto was parked at a pizza restaurant with its engine running when the man drove off around 9:15 p.m. The mother and father were taken in for questioning and were said to be cooperating with police.

The 62-year-old senior Conservative Party MP, who took charge as Prime Minister in the wake of David Cameron's resignation after the vote in favour of Brexit in June 2016, admitted she had wrongly assumed MPs would be "eager to get Brexit over the line".

Monmouth Assembly Member Nick Ramsay said: "I would also like to see more of a Conservative influence on the way money in Wales is spent but I think we need to respect the current settlement and work on building up that influence within the Assembly itself".

"I would like to commend both candidates on their campaigns as both have put across very credible proposals on why they feel they should be our next Prime Minister".

In a thinly veiled warning to frontrunner for the Tory crown, Boris Johnson, the Chancellor said he would back legal moves suggested by ex-prime minister Sir John Major to challenge any prorogation of Parliament in the courts. "A decision was taken just get on with it and they are not in that same polarised way that Parliament has been about this issue", she said.

"I will continue to argue vigorously against a no-deal Brexit. It needs to return".

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