Patriots Linebacker Elandon Roberts Says He Was Harassed By Police In Texas

Texas sheriff apologizes to Patriots player defends deputy

Texas sheriff apologizes to Patriots player defends deputy

New England Patriots linebacker Elandon Roberts has said he was harassed by a police officer during a traffic stop because he is black.

Roberts, who lives in Richmond, starred at the University of Houston before being drafted by the Patriots in the sixth round of the 2016 National Football League draft.

USA TODAY obtained dashcam footage from Texas's Fort Bend County Sheriff's Department for the incident on March 10.

According to Perez's report, Deputy Adam Watkins barked at Roberts to get back in his auto after he had exited the vehicle with his hands up. "The big black man who was driving got out of the vehicle".

Roberts was told he was only stopped for a basic speeding violation but not until nine minutes into the ordeal.

During the traffic stop, Roberts appeared to be perturbed with Watkins' behavior and confrontational nature but never escalated the situation.

"Unfortunately, these types of things are happening all too often to African Americans", Roberts said in a statement to USA TODAY Sports. "People are becoming desensitized to them".

In a statement Roberts said: "Being harassed in your own yard simply because you are a 'big black man" should never become the norm'. To the person being harassed, it is frightening, disrespectful and embarrassing.

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He added: "I have no interest in any financial gain from releasing this story". Roberts didn't argue with Watkins during the traffic stop and asked to talk to Watkins during the heat of the moment, according to USA Today.

Roberts filed a complaint 10 days after the incident, saying he "felt so harassed I couldn't remember where my insurance paper was in my vehicle". The big black man got out of the vehicle. "I told him to get back in and he wouldn't comply". "He wouldn't comply. I had to yell at him pretty hard to comply".

Dashcam footage showed Deputy Adam Watkins stop Roberts for speeding (59 miles per hour in a 35 miles per hour zone) and a failure to provide insurance. USA Today searched court records, which didn't show the citation was entered.

Roberts" attorney, Jennine Hovell-Cox said that she believes a decision was made to "halt' everything after superiors at the Sheriff's office realised who the man in the dashcam footage was.

In a statement to the newspaper, Roberts said he "felt so harassed I couldn't even remember where my insurance paper was in my vehicle".

Fort Bend County District Attorney Brian M. Middleton said in an email to USA Today that Hovell-Cox should direct a formal complaint to the sheriff's deparment's Internal Affairs Division and that the request may be referred to the Texas Rangers for an independent inquiry.

USA Today obtained a document which said Roberts's complaint was "not sustained" and the matter was closed. It also said a supervisor went through "refresher training on traffic stop procedures" with Watkins.

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