Nintendo Switch Lite to launch on 20 September for United States dollars 199.99

Nintendo Announces the Switch Lite, Coming This Fall

Nintendo Announces the Switch Lite, Coming This Fall

GameSpot is reporting that, as per the official Nintendo specs for the two systems, the Nintendo Switch Lite actually boasts a longer battery life than the original Switch.

And at $200, you can bet all your Mario merch Nintendo will sell a ton of them come September 20.

The "Switch Lite" will come in three colors: yellow, turquoise and gray.

To be clear: this isn't a review or a hands-on. He also said that the larger Switch won't get an upgrade right now.

But using an X2 chip in a "Switch Pro" would probably require Nintendo to file an entirely new Switch model with the FCC, rather than the simpler "permission change" being sought for the existing model.

Let's start things off by making it clear that the Nintendo Switch Lite is pretty much the same thing as the Nintendo Switch when it comes to hardware. In their testings, they could play Zelda: Breath of the Wild during 4 hours. The Nintendo Switch has a larger 6.2-inch screen.

We're going to look into the similarities and differences between each model, hopefully helping you settle on which Nintendo Switch console is best for you - or simply answering any lingering questions you may have.

Nintendo Switch Lite will support all the games that work in handheld mode on the regular Switch. This means that you can't connect it to your TV.

What year is it?

The list of Switch Lite consoles reimagined by McCoy Customs increases when the designer is inspired by more recent milestones and not as retro as the previous ones. There's no dock or port designed for TV connection. You can't put your Switch on a table and keep the controllers in your hands for instance.

As an example, the bright colors make it feel like it stands out.

Similarly, because the Switch Lite doesn't have Joy-Cons, it also doesn't have an IR sensor for motion controls. But Nintendo still has yet to confirm the other side of some of those rumors: suggestions that the company is planning to upgrade the Switch's internal hardware in the near future.

The Switch Lite is slightly smaller and slightly lighter than the Switch - 0.61 lbs versus 0.88 lbs (277 g versus 399 g).

The Switch Lite is created to be exclusively portable.

Are you a fan of the Switch?

Here is what you need to know about the new handheld. That sounds super annoying. It's United States dollars 100 less expensive than its predecessor Switch and therefore lacks a number of key features.

This will, of course, vary depending on the game you happen to be playing. (Can we get a Netflix app, Nintendo?).