Amazon Working on Premium Echo Speaker, Rolling Alexa Robot

Amazon Working on Premium Echo Speaker, Rolling Alexa Robot

Amazon Working on Premium Echo Speaker, Rolling Alexa Robot

The demo models are cylindrical and wider than the current Echo so as to fit in at least four tweeters. That's what led to Apple and Sonos' entry into the market - with both firms using their audio expertise to develop a smart speaker that consumers actually wanted to listen to. Now Bloomberg claims Amazon's home robot is still in development. Google now has 31% of the market, while the rest have a combined 12%.

In addition to a higher quality speaker with better audio Amazon is also said to be planning a release of a new version of its music streaming service that would offer high-fidelity music tracks to pair up with the new speaker that comes with better quality sound components. As Gurman notes, Amazon could opt to shelve the robot for good at any time, but having recently taken engineers off of other projects to work on the robot, it seems likely it will hit the market eventually. Amazon plans to start selling voice-controlled earbuds to rival Apple's AirPods as early as this year, Bloomberg reported in April. The very same cameras would likely also turn the device into a mobile Ring video camera, which would alert users of any nefarious going-ons while the robot patrols your home.

The organization intends to launch the new Echo probably next year, as per individuals acquainted with the product.

It's unclear what errands the Amazon robot may perform. The report, which cited sources familiar with the product, said prototypes of the bot are about waist-high and feature advanced cameras, computer vision, and can navigate through homes like driverless cars.

Amazon previously has worked on improving the Echo's sound by offering a separate subwoofer and a device that connects the speakers to a stereo.

An Amazon representative declined to comment. We shouldn't expect this new Echo to appear before the end of 2019, but it could never see the light of day if Amazon decides tweaks to its existing line-up are enough when they inevitably get refreshed. The machine can be summoned by voice.

Amazon typically holds big product reveal events at its Seattle headquarters in September.