Rich Energy trying to save Haas deal, blames ‘rogue’ individual

Rich Energy claims it has terminated Haas deal	
				Image by Portlock  LAT

Rich Energy claims it has terminated Haas deal Image by Portlock LAT

In a follow-up to his original comment, Steiner insists that the Rich Energy logos will remain on the Haas cars for the British Grand Prix weekend.

On Wednesday, Rich Energy posted a blunt tweet which suggested they had terminated their contract with Haas Formula 1 team.

"They will be on the vehicle this weekend", team boss Guenther Steiner told the media at a press conference on Thursday afternoon.

The individual was not identified in the statement, nor were the shareholders.

The judge cited as an example that when cross-examined about a claim to the media in February that 90 million cans had been produced, Storey explained that Rich "had produced 90 million cans, but had not yet filled and sold them". Haas nice people but the vehicle is going backwards.

"The commercial agreement doesn't let me talk about it and I don't want to stir it up any more".

"It's being professional about it. It doesn't upset me, it's just something that we have to deal with, and I will next week". But I can not say anything about it.

"There's no point to go into a war of words about something".

Steiner indicated that he was now unable to divulge any more information about the current state of relations between the team and its sponsor.

"I would like to tell you more, I can not", he said, citing commercial confidentiality. "I hope you respect that", he continued.

"I don't want to put anybody in a hard situation".

Steiner added that the issue of the title sponsorship was a relative side issue for him in the wider scheme of things. It's important but at this moment in time it's part of the job and we've just got to deal with it. We get on with our job and it's more important to get the job back to where we want to be.

Another Twitter commentator declared: "I can't believe what an utter joke you've made out of yourselves". We all have parts of our jobs that we enjoy more and enjoy less.

They are the only team that have finished behind one of the backmarker ROKiT Williams Racing cars in more than one race, as rookie George Russell finished ahead of Kevin Magnussen in both the Canadian Grand Prix and the Austrian Grand Prix, two of the last three races.