US, China's Top Trade Officials Make First Contact Since Truce

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Kudlow stated the talks "went well" and were "constructive".

He added, "There was headway last winter and spring, then it stopped".

Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan joined the conversation, the ministry said. It gave no other details.

The telephone call between the two sides on Tuesday was the first confirmed contact since Xi and US President Donald Trump agreed to resume talks last month.

Nonetheless, after the meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping over the latest G20 summit in the Japanese City of Osaka, Trump had agreed to cancel a tariff hike on all Chinese imports, untouched by trade spat so far, worth of $300 billion, meanwhile, Chinese President had also agreed to purchase some United States agricultural goods.

The U.S. agreed to tone down criticism of Chinese rule in Hong Kong recently in order to restart trade talks, according to a Financial Times report on Wednesday.

Kudlow said it was a big deal that the two leaders agreed to resume talks.

A face-to-face meeting between the two negotiating teams would be a good thing and could take place in Beijing, Kudlow said, but no details were available yet.

In the latest U.S China trade war news, a day after telephonic talks started between the two sides, a top US official warned that a trade deal with China would "never happen" as numerous contentious issues are hard to resolve.

The negotiations pick up after a two-month hiatus but it's been a year since a tit-for-tat tariff battle began between the two countries. Washington is pushing Beijing to remedy what US officials see as decades of unfair and illegal trading practices.

"Having said that, we have a very strong - I want to underscore this - a very strong expectation that China will really shortly, maybe immediately, begin to purchase U.S. agricultural products", he told the USA broadcaster. In April, Yu Jianhua, one of China's most experienced trade negotiators and its ambassador to the United Nations Office in Geneva, returned to Beijing to bolster Liu's delegation. "That's very, very important", Kudlow said. The U.S. president also said he would allow U.S. companies to resume supplying some of their products to Huawei Technologies Co., but added that the Chinese telecommunications-gear-making giant would remain on a Commerce Department trade blacklist over national security concerns.

Kudlow, the director of the White House's National Economic Council, later told reporters there was no specific timeline for the agricultural buys, or for reaching an agreement.

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