Police spot alligator in Chicago lagoon

Chicago alligator

Chicago alligator

Officials looking to trap alligator spotted in Humboldt Park Lagoon in Chicago.

No, authorities don't know how it got there.

Bob believes that as the "gator gets more comfortable, he will start to explore the lagoon, making it more hard to locate and catch him".

"Alligator Bob is the hero we all deserve right now".

Police have since confirmed the alligator, said to be between 4 and 5 feet long, is in the lagoon.

Strangely enough, this isn't the first alligator to grace Chicago waters. She indicated with her hands that the creature was a few feet long. "I don't know what would motivate someone to do something like that". We've gotta be safe.

Authorities are asking anyone who sees the alligator to call Animal Control. Exactly when the animal would be removed is unclear, she said.

As of Wednesday morning, the wild animal was still at large in the park, despite humane bait traps filled with fish and chicken set up throughout the lagoon.

The investigation into the alligator's whereabouts and who potentially released him into the lagoon are still ongoing, according to authorities.

It "will probably be scared and try to hide", she added. A sign said people were not allowed in the water due to blue-green algae that is risky to humans and animals. An employee at the lagoon said the order has been in effect for a month and a half.

Guglielmi said that an effort to "humanely" capture the animal would be made sometime Tuesday night. The traps allow the alligator to swim inside, and release a door behind it.

This is not the first instance of an alligator let loose in the Chicago area.

Several hours later, Chief Communications Officer Anthony Guglielmi confirmed that authorities spotted the gator and that a state reptile specialist put the alligator at somewhere between four to- five feet long.

The city's Animal Care and Control workers, state conservation officers and alligator experts with the Chicago Herpetological Society are all involved in catching the reptile. One, about 3 feet long, was found near the 3200 block of North Rockwell Street.

"The alligator is still very shy", said Crowley, explaining it was likely once a pet and was still getting used to its new surroundings.