Kamala Harris secures two democratic chair endorsements in Iowa

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and former Vice President Joe Biden

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and former Vice President Joe Biden

"The debate changed things for me quite a bit", said Sheldon Ohringer, 62, a West Des Moines Democrat who had been leaning toward Biden but is now considering Harris and several other candidates.

"Was I wrong a few weeks ago?" the former vice president and DE senator asked a mostly black audience of several hundred people in Sumter during the first day of a weekend visit to SC.

"So we must right the wrong and, after generations of discrimination, give black families a real shot at homeownership - historically one of the most powerful drivers of wealth", Harris said.

Biden began a scheduled three-stop swing in SC on Saturday, his third campaign visit to the state.

Biden has been on the defensive since the confrontation with Harris, who criticized his opposition to federally mandated busing to integrate schools in the 1970s and his willingness to work with segregationist senators.

"Today it is very rare that we require the courts or the federal government to intervene", Harris told reporters Thursday before a campaign event in Indianola, Iowa.

When asked if Harris' view of busing now was similar to the position she challenged him for holding decades ago, Biden said, "Look, she's a good person, she is smart as can be, and she feels strongly".

"He is right to recognize the impact of his words, and I applaud him for doing that", Harris said of her 2020 presidential opponent during a gaggle with reporters in Hartsville, South Carolina.

Biden also is highlighting his eight years as Obama's vice president, from 2009 to 2017. When excerpts of his speech were released on Saturday, Harris spokesperson Ian Sams tweeted that "every candidate's record will (and should) be scrutinized in this race", adding, "It's a competition to become President of the United States".

Biden continued to argue that his positions on race and bussing really "aren't any different" from Harris'.

The state senator Dick Harpootlian, backing Biden, said he had heard from some voters that they felt Harris's debate attack was "disrespectful".

US Senator Kamala Harris, riding a wave of support after her performance in the first presidential debate, raised almost $12 million in the second quarter of the year which ended on June 30, her campaign has announced.

Seeking to put to rest a weeks-old controversy that has dogged his campaign for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, Joe Biden apologised on Saturday for touting his past record of working civilly with segregationists serving in the U.S. Senate in the 1970s. They want to know what they're getting.

In South Carolina alone, the program would raise the average teacher's pay by more than $9,000, according to her campaign. "We've spent far too much time talking about the past" and candidate should be talking about the future. Segregation persists now not necessarily as a function of legislator. Some had concluded that her strategy was to avoid expending resources in largely white Iowa and New Hampshire and instead hope to catch fire in states with more African American voters. "The general election is so important and we have to get behind whoever comes out of that primary".

He said he wouldn't attack rivals on their past.

"That resonated with a lot of African Americans", he said. "There is still a point of disagreement between he and I, and that remains ... which is the issue of busing".

For Willis, it may just be that Biden's political time has passed. I guess it's now considered "center-left" to support abolishing most private insurance.

The pressures of the presidency are unique in American politics, and it's almost impossible for candidates, regardless of their party, to amass comparable experience as senator, governor or in other positions. "We have got to back whoever the nominee is, and I pray to God that's Joe".