Hoyer Statement on Texas v. U.S. Oral Arguments

Protesters take part in a rally in support of the Affordable Care Act in Los Angeles California

Protesters take part in a rally in support of the Affordable Care Act in Los Angeles California

Texas District Court Judge Reed O'Connor agreed with the red states in December that the zeroing out of the mandate penalty led the law to be unconstitutional.

"Bereft of penalties, the mandate now raises no revenue and therefore can not by any conceivable definition be considered a tax", Texas officials argued.

The states a year ago brought forward a lawsuit challenging the law.

Demonstrators protest in June 2017 in support of Obamacare. Whatever the court decides, the case could go to the US Supreme Court.

Almost 20 million Americans will lose health care coverage, according to the Urban Institute.

With no tax penalty now in effect, the Texas lawsuit argues, the individual mandate is unconstitutional and the entire law must fall without it.

A federal appeals court may be poised to deem the ACA's individual mandate unconstitutional, but appeared to be on the fence about whether they believe that strikes down the entire law.

"If you no longer have a tax, why isn't it unconstitutional?"

Judge Kurt Engelhardt questioned why the act is still constitutional without the tax, and why a severability clause was not included. Republicans lost 40 House seats last November, though they gained a few in the Senate.

Legal scholars, including many on the right, have always been dubious about Texas' arguments, particularly on the question of severability. The will of Congress would necessarily implicate the Senate, wouldn't it?

Collins is weaker electorally than she has ever been, but she should be favored to win re-election even in a race that could exceed $60 million in spending by the campaigns and outside groups.

When the challenge was in the lower court, the Justice Department said it didn't need a specific judicial order halting the ACA because the federal government would treat the judge's decision as a nationwide injunction.

Engelhardt also asked if Congress could fix the issues on its own. President Jimmy Carter appointed her to the bench.

"There is a political solution here", Engelhardt said, according to CNN, adding that the courts should not be a "taxidermist" for every piece of major legislation that Congress passes.

"These provisions are fundamental to the delivery of high-quality, affordable care in this country", the amicus brief states. This lawsuit, Texas v.

"Where Congress made a mistake [was] in the way that they created the Affordable Care Act and tied everything to the individual mandate", he added.

The ultimate outcome will affect protections for people with pre-existing conditions, Medicaid expansions covering roughly 12 million people, and subsidies that help about 10 million others afford health insurance.

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The Bay State joined 16 other states defending the ACA in Texas v.

"We absolutely must protect people with pre-existing conditions, but we also must get down the soaring premiums of 'Obamacare, '" he said.

"President Trump and Republicans are playing a very risky game with people's lives", Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters on a conference call Monday.

More than 130 million Americans with pre-existing medical conditions - including more than 5.3 million in Pennsylvania - are among those who could risk losing coverage if a lower court ruling that thrust into question the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act ultimately prevails. "I know Texas is unhappy with what Chief Justice Roberts did. I don't think anybody thinks that it was flawless, but we all think we have to fix it".

"To those who are fighting to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, I say this: if you have never known the pain of worrying that your child will likely not outlive you, I pray you never will", Pickles said. "The best evidence is the text itself", he said.