Florida Strip Club to Hold Golf Tournament at Trump Resort

Trump Resort to Host Strip Club Golf Event Offering ‘Caddy Girl of Choice in Sexy Polo’ - Reports

Trump Resort to Host Strip Club Golf Event Offering ‘Caddy Girl of Choice in Sexy Polo’ - Reports

He wrote that Trump's golf resort in Doral, Fla., will play host to a tournament Saturday "put on by a Miami-area strip club, which will allow golfers to pay for a dancer to serve as their "caddy girl" while they play at the president's club".

So it was little surprise that it was Fahrenthold's byline on a story Tuesday headlined, "Strip club to host golf tournament at Trump resort in South Florida".

It's being billed as "the ultimate VIP experience" featuring "beautiful" women - though the strip club's marketing director, Emanuele Mancuso, assured the Washington Post that the women will be "be clothed the whole time" at the golf course in Doral, Florida.

Following the event, the dancers and the golfers "would return to another venue - the cabaret itself - for what (Mancuso) described as a "very tasteful" burlesque show, which could involve nudity", according to the Post.

He told the post that the strip club's involvement "doesn't jive with what we do", and that Trump is "contrary to everything to we believe", but that the funds raised were worth participating.

Moving on to the tournament's advertising materials, the organisation's spokesperson reiterated that the cabaret hadn't submitted them for approval before publishing.

President Donald Trump still owns the Doral resort, but his sons Donald Jr. and Eric oversee the day-to-day operations of the resort and his other properties, the Post noted. The Trump Doral is one of the gems of Mr Trump's hotel empire - a legendary 57-year-old golf resort that Trump bought for $150 million in 2012, which is now a regular venue for private events and charities.

The advertisement says the choice option is available to participants that enrol before 10 July, while "everybody that enrol after the 10th, are going to have an auction that night".

Mancuso said the dancers would drive a golf cart and not carry golf bags as some caddies do.

The event is being marketed as a charity event, with proceeds apparently going to Miami All Stars. Its materials include logos for the Jr. "We provide everything. We provide fitness, nutrition, basketball and academics", he said.

The charity is not listed on Florida's charity database but is listed in Florida's nonprofit records.

Carlos Alamilla, the charity's registered director, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. He said he also dislikes Trump because of the conditions in which his administration is detaining migrant children.

"Doral is better known for a different kind of golf tournament, a long-running PGA Tour event that was last played there in 2016", Fahrenthold wrote.