United Kingdom braces for downpours as Met Office issues yellow warning

Credit Met Office

Credit Met Office

Thunder, lightning and heavy rain is set to strike the United Kingdom today ahead of this weekend's soaring heatwave.

Areas in the north-east are reportedly suffering a 60-hour blanket of bad weather and the lack of sunshine is hitting most of England.

The Met Office has also issued a weather warning for Tuesday, with heavy rain expected across North and Mid Wales.

A yellow warning is classed a severe and forecasts heavy rain - but it is less serious than an amber or red warning, which classifies conditions as unsafe.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said today "it could be the hottest Glastonbury on record" with temperatures expected to hit 32°C at the festival on Friday.

Dan continued: "Heatwave thresholds will therefore be met across some parts of the United Kingdom later this week and into the weekend".

Once the storms clear, temperatures are expected to climb.

Later in the week the temperatures could rise again, approaching 75F or 23C.

Throughout the week temperatures will still feel between 36-38°C due to high levels of humidity, with things cooling off slight on Sunday, which will see temperatures that feel 34°C.

But as we know, hot and humid atmospheres are usually a marker of heavy thunderstorms.

During this time the Met Office predicts that thunderstorms are likely, potentially severe, bringing a risk of flooding and disruption to travel.

"So the early morning commute could be challenging, especially in areas north of London as that's where the heaviest rain will be at that point".

"There is a small chance of fast flowing or deep floodwater causing danger to life".