Andrew Flintoff promises new Top Gear isn't 'nasty'

Anita Rani Countryfile presenter on needing green space and being the city girl on the BBC country show	

Anita Rani Countryfile presenter on needing green space and being the city girl on the BBC country show Television

Chris Harris is joined by comedian Paddy McGuinness and cricket legend Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff for the new series of Top Gear.

Fans of the programme were impressed with Flintoff and McGuinness's first outing in the driving seat.

Meanwhile, the Take Me Out star claims Freddie is "blind" and joked: "He can't read the autocue". "And I don't have to turn it off because of the cringe of Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc". Chris Harris agrees. "The reality of the show is you have to make it so auto nuts like me can watch it without feeling it's too lightweight but not leave a mainstream audience asking what are they going on about", he says, concluding, "I think we've hit a good balance". "If there's one job on TV I've always wanted to have a go at it was 'Top Gear".

"Effortless chemistry": One user wrote, 'Definitely the best start of the reboots so far.

"#TopGear have finally cracked it with @flintoff11 @PaddyMcGuinness @harrismonkey". "It only comes up because it's a vehicle show - if we were doing Country File nobody would even mention it".

Viewers took to social media to gush over the new series, making it clear that they were immediately taken by the banter between the three new blokes.

Another added: "It looks like it could have some of the old style spark back", while someone else commented: "I have a good feeling about this one! actually really excited about a new season for the first time in years".

One saw them pit their cars against each other in a race across Ethiopia, then they battled though a driving test on a rally track, and for the final challenge, the hosts' drove blindfolded down an airstrip.

What do fans think about the new show?

The new series sees Paddy, Freddie and Chris tackling the fastest, hottest, toughest Top Gear challenges to date: pushing their cars, and themselves, to the very limits of endurance. But also an opportunity for the presenters to offer personal views on their expectations of a country defined to many by the famines we saw represented on our TV screens not so long ago.

Avoiding: Paddy recently spoke to Radio Times about his new presenting role and his choice to avoid viewer reactions.

Top Gear Series 27 begins in the United Kingdom on BBC 2 this Sunday (16 June) at 8pm.