Pelosi is so 'done' with Trump, the 'diverter in chief'

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed President Donald Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed President Donald Trump

"You still end up in the court ... if you want to go down that path", Mrs. Pelosi said.

Pelosi repeated her previously expressed view that impeachment of Trump is "not off the table", but stopped short of saying whether she has an obligation to mount an impeachment inquiry.

Pressure on Pelosi has increased as Democrats calling for impeachment have grown more vocal-and the Democratic base has grown more demanding.

The June 9 front-page article " To Democrats, question of impeachment is personal" led to the conclusion that whatever course is selected should hold President Trump accountable for any misdeeds and create precedents to deter future presidents from similar conduct. "She noted that in her time over the recess in California well educated voters didn't seem to understand that impeachment proceedings would not necessarily result in Trump's immediate ouster from office".

"You guys never get anything done", Matthews said.

Pelosi made the remark at a news conference on Thursday.

Democrats have gone after the president for this and will probably try to use this for impeachment purposes.

Are voters too stupid to grasp this concept?

"I think the Mueller report very clearly spells out at least 10 or 11 instances of obstruction of justice, but I'm not here to have that discussion", she said at the event. "The president took a different tack".

Pelosi, under pressure from more progressive members of her caucus to launch a formal impeachment inquiry, said Trump's statement was "appalling" and "totally unethical", but that House Democrats would methodically pursue their various investigations. "They're mindful of what happened to former Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) when he impeached President Bill Clinton in 1998 - Clinton was acquitted by the Senate, Republicans lost seats in the midterm election, and Gingrich lost his job". "Are they criminal? Many people think they are".

Pelosi was referencing Trump's controversial comments that he would likely listen if a foreign source offered him "dirt" on a political opponent.