Huawei says it is readying possible Hongmeng software roll-out

Huawei Ark OS Mobile OS

Huawei Ark OS Mobile OS

"Huawei is in the process of potentially launching a replacement", Williamson said in Mexico City.

There is speculation that Huawei may launch the HongMeng operating system later this year with the launch of a new Mate series smartphone, the business flagship for the fall shopping season.

A research report from Rosenblatt Securities has suggested that Huawei has already shipped a million smartphones with its own OS, called HongMeng, for testing.

This is a possible solution which would result in the new operating system being compatible with Android applications, but Huawei will still be unable to pre-load Google apps and services on its devices.

Although, even with support for Android apps, it will only be able to use third-party app stores such as Huawei's App Gallery.

Following the decision, Google announced that it was cutting off Huawei from its Android updates, although that decision was postponed for three months after US Commerce Department granted the Chinese firm a temporary general license to update its existing devices.

President Donald Trump's administration last month put Huawei on a blacklist that barred it from doing business with USA tech companies such as Alphabet Inc, whose Android OS is used in Huawei's phones. We now have our answer - Huawei's foldable smartphone.

Google in May confirmed that it would bar Huawei from its proprietary version of Android, though the Chinese smartphone maker is still free to use the Android Open Source Project if it wanted.

Huawei has not yet revealed the details about its OS but the applications to trademark the operating system show that it wants to use Hongmeng for gadgets ranging from smartphones and portable computers to robots and auto televisions.

"We're not specifically asking anyone to lobby for us".

Chinese technology major Huawei has said the company would invest heavily in those countries where they are welcome, as per a report in Bloomberg.

Still, the timing of the announcement - two product postponements in the space of a week - is going to fuel speculation that Huawei could be feeling the impact of the Trump administration's stepped-up campaign against the company.

Huawei accounted for around 4 per cent of the company's overall sales past year.

Huaweiis working furiously to get its homemade operating system, Hongmeng, off the ground.