Donald Trump reveals details of US-Mexico ‘secret’ migrant deal

Trump Nixes Plans For Mexican Import Tariffs After Reaching Immigration Deal

Trump Nixes Plans For Mexican Import Tariffs After Reaching Immigration Deal

The National Guard, created by the administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to replace the federal police, represents an extension of this militarization of public security.

Mr Ebrard said on Tuesday: "You go to the south and the first thing you ask yourself is, 'Right, where's the border?' There's nothing".

As the president left the White House for a trip to Iowa, he waved a single piece of paper that he said was part of a "very long and very good" secret deal with Mexico, The New York Times reported.

A general view of the United States border fence, covered in concertina wire, separating the U.S. and Mexico, at the outskirts of Nogales, Arizona, on February 9, 2019.

The deal struck between the USA and Mexico came just a few days before the us was set to impose a 5% tariff on Mexican goods coming into the USA until Mexico stopped the flow of illegal immigration that has been flooding the southern border.

Ebrard said those asylum seekers would start being returned to wait out their cases in Mexico via three more cities, which officials will decide on Friday.

Trump had also threatened to increase tariffs to 10% in July, 15% in August, 20% in September, and 25% in October, if Mexico did not try to slow the flow of migrants.

"Internally, we disagree with heaps of issues", said Sergio Tamay Quintero of advocacy team Angeles Sin Fronteras.

The foreign minister also said that Mexico had established a working group with a number of Central American countries such as Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador to coordinate efforts in ebbing the flow of illegal immigration.

If, after 45 days, the USA government "determines at its discretion" that the results aren't enough, the document says, 'the Government of Mexico will take all necessary steps under domestic law to bring the agreement into force'.

President Trump said he was surprised that cameras were able to see some of the contents of a secret trade agreement between the U.S. and Mexico.

Mr Trump, stung by claims there was little new in the pact, said the extra part of it had been "fully signed and documented" and would be "revealed in the not too distant future". "It will be revealed in the not too distant future and will need a vote by Mexico's Legislative body!"

"They have to get approval, and they will get approval". "We don't desire them to militarize the southern border, staunch cherish we urged Trump now to now not militarize [the border with the U.S.]".

They also warned that if Mexico failed to impose the new immigration deal, the import tariff will be put in place that would be greatly damaging to Mexico.

However, he said other Latin American countries should share the burden, something that the United States appeared to have agreed to.