David Ortiz’s Wife, Tiffany, Says Red Sox Legend ‘Making Good Progress’

Footage indicates sophisticated attack on former Red Sox hero David Ortiz

Footage indicates sophisticated attack on former Red Sox hero David Ortiz

In a statement provided by the Red Sox, Tiffany Ortiz said that David Ortiz was "making good progress towards recovery".

This was the he original video showing David Ortiz being shot. One of the men on the motorcycle has been identified as 25-year-old Eddy Vladimir Feliz Garcia, who is accused of driving the alleged gunman to the scene of the shooting. He has been charged with being an accomplice to attempted murder.

Among the other suspects still at large is Luis Alfredo Rivas Clase, aka The Surgeon, prosecutors said in a statement. Surgeons there operated for six hours to fix damage to his intestines and liver, also removing his gallbladder.

Dominican prosecutors say witnesses and security camera footage show that the attempt to kill former Red Sox star David Ortiz was carried out by two men on a motorcycle and two other groups of people in cars, indicating a new level of sophistication in the attack.

Shortly after the shooting, Ortiz was rushed to a local hospital and was in the intensive care unit after being treated for bleeding in his liver and having portions of his intestines and gall bladder removed, said Leo Lopez, his spokesman.

And with no individuals has it stirred up more emotions than those who grew up in the Dominican Republic and have traveled numerous same roads Ortiz did to reach the big leagues.

The police are continuing the investigation and looking for a motive for the shooting. He was tracked down and arrested Tuesday night.

Clifton Police Detective Lt. Robert Bracken told the website he suspects the man who committed the robberies is the same one who confessed to shooting Ortiz, but said he needed to see Ferreyra's biographical information to be certain. Ortiz appeared in more than 2,000 career games as a designated hitter, but Big Papi's retirement after last season takes away one of few remaining players whose primary job is to hit.

He helped Boston capture their first World Series title in 86 years in 2004, when he was the MVP of the American League Championship Series.

"Just thinking about the fact that this happened to him in the Dominican Republic, it is unimaginable", Nunez said, per ESPN.