Mary Meeker's annual internet report

China and India account for most internet users 2019 internet trends report

China and India account for most internet users 2019 internet trends report

Mary Meeker, founder of Bond Capital, former Kleiner Perkins general partner, and former head of Morgan Stanley's global technology research team, releases the annual internet trends report every year since 1995.

Mary Meeker has presented her much anticipated annual "Internet Trends" presentation at the Code Conference 2019. She is commonly referred to as the "Queen of the Internet". That's around 3.8 billion people, up from 3.6 billion (49 percent) back in 2017. However, new growth remains harder to find.

The highlight of the presentation was the fact that Americans are spending more time with digital media than ever, 6.3 hours a day in 2018, up 7 percent from the previous year. China represents 21 percent of the total Internet users while India remains at the second spot with 12 percent of the global Internet users.

According to the report, seven of 10 of the world's most valuable companies by market capitalization are tech companies. Out of these, four of the top six are based in the United States while two are Chinese companies.

E-commerce sales now account for 15 percent of the overall USA retail market now. While the e-commerce market is growing, it seems to be growing at a slower rate, according to the report. Its growth has slowed - rising 12.4 percent in the first quarter - but still towers over growth in regular retail, which was just 2% in the same.

Tech companies getting significant mentions this year include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WeChat, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Dropbox, Uber, Twitch, Fortnite, Google and Apple among many others.

The Drum has pulled together key advertising and marketing trends from the report. Customer acquisition costs have gone up as it continues to get more expensive to gain new consumers, so much that it's becoming unsustainable to acquire new users.

Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report - Source: IAB / PWC Internet 2018 Advertising Report (5/19).

The number of new smartphone shipments dropped by 4% a year ago.

As of 2019, Americans are now also spending more total time on mobile devices compared to televisions.

The amount of time spent on phones has also surpassed the amount of time spent watching TV.

People are increasingly using images to communicate online, thanks to faster Internet access and better smartphone cameras. Digital media usage, on the other hand, increased by two percent. Remember, Twitter initially started as a text-only service. In a country like India, the problems exceed beyond boundaries because of a larger internet base, increasing internet penetration in rural regions and large population.

While ad spend is growing, global internet ad revenue among six major platforms is decelerating.

The advertising expenditure on digital advertising formats is led by social media (29%) followed by search (25%), display (21%) and video (20%).