Did Bethesda Just Fix Fallout 76?

Bethesda at E3- The Elder Scrolls The Outer World Doom Eternal Fallout and so much more

Bethesda at E3- The Elder Scrolls The Outer World Doom Eternal Fallout and so much more

With Fallout 76, things are a little different but the mode works as you'd expect. The reason was, according to the lore, Vault 76 was the first vault to open.

I don't know quite what I expected from battle royale in Fallout 76, but I assumed Bethesda would strip out most of Fallout 76's features and just have everyone scrounge for gear and shoot each other while a circle closed around them. We don't know exactly what that will entail yet. Gardiner says the NPCs will also play a role in Fallout 76 mechanically. Expectations are that it will reach its players by the end of the fall. But from now on, Bethesda will start to focus on the game and to give real improvements.

Of course, you can also nab them off the bodies of eliminated players by heading over to where their corpse was and looting through the duffel bag that drops in their place.

52 players (in teams of 4) pick their spawn points from a small-ish map.

Looting works in a similar fashion to the main game, with a variety of chests and crates stashed in various corners of the map. To do so, you'll want to use your Nuclear Briefcase. At least, that's how it used to be.

The ring of fire, as we like to call it, closes in through multiple stages, like with most modes in the genre. Rads poisoning works as it does in typical Fallout games, and exposure to too much radiation chips away at your health, decreasing your chances of victory.

From our experience playing the battle royale mode so far in Fallout 76, these do seem to be a little scarcer to find than the launch codes, so just keep your eyes peeled and search everything that can possibly contain items. It felt easy to lose sight of a target in the wasteland, and tall brown bushes and rocky outcrops became ideal locations for players to hide.

Before Fallout 76 even launched last November, Bethesda doubled down on the fact that we should look at the game as more of a collaborative effort between gamers and the developers, and as something that would be fine-tuned over time.

Fallout 76's battle royale is surprisingly good fun. I spoke to Jeff Gardiner, project lead on Fallout 76, who said that when it comes to Fallout 76 dialogue options, the entire dialogue tree "is going back to a Fallout 3 style" when it comes to deciding what you can say and how your perks affect the dialogue options you're given.