Bears boot Blewitt, cut number of kickers to 2

Bears boot Blewitt, cut number of kickers to 2

Bears boot Blewitt, cut number of kickers to 2

The minicamp phase of the Chicago Bears' kicking competition got off to a poor start, and one of the contestants is already out. Nagy pointed out after practice that even if just one of his kickers had been successful, no one would have noticed - but the Bears have spent so much time trying to ceremonially exorcise their kicking demons, it's hard to see any kicker faring well if they happen to face a 42-yarder in the regular season.

The Chicago Bears dumped kicker Cody Parkey in March, months after his blocked "double-doink" field goal knocked the team out of the playoffs in the wild card round, and the team's search for a replacement couldn't be going any worse.

Blewitt participated in their rookie camp following the draft and was one of three kickers to emerge from the eight-man competition and last through team organized activities and minicamp.

"I mean, that's about as real as it gets". For today, we can't have that. We are going to figure this thing out.

The coach is clearly becoming frustrated with a situation that refuses to resolve itself by one of the participants taking a stranglehold of the job.

"They went back-to-back-to-back, and all three missed", an exacerbated Nagy said. "So they are being evaluated not just by (the media), not just by me but by their teammates".

"Again, do you make it or do you miss it?" For us as evaluators, if they all went 3-for-3 today, we wouldn't be talking about this, right?

They've now created a situation where no matter what happens, the kicker will be the focal point of their result, with everyone forgetting that their offense didn't really do much in the loss to the Eagles in January, before Parkey's miss provided the punctuation.

With each practice miss the pressure, and the annoyance of the coach, mounts.