Musk touting Tesla with over 650km range in the near future

Five Things to Watch for at Tesla’s Annual Shareholders MeetingMore

Five Things to Watch for at Tesla’s Annual Shareholders MeetingMore

The only electric auto on sale in South Africa with more than 350km real world range is the Jaguar I-Pace.

With an investment of over 50 billion yuan (US$7 billion), Tesla's factory is the largest foreign investment project in Shanghai's manufacturing sector, the report said.

Among other items, the meeting's agenda includes proposals to approve the company's employee stock purchase plan and to reduce director's terms from three years to two years, both of which are supported by Tesla. The "Cyberpunk truck" hinted at on a slide is being created to "meet or exceed an F-150 - if the F-150 can do it then a Tesla truck should be able to do it". Nearly as an aside, he then mentioned that Tesla may have to get into the mining business, "a little bit at least", in order to ensure it has access to the raw materials needed to continue scaling battery production. He also said that the Model 3 (and Model Y once that's released) will optionally be "fully vegan" by this time next year with suitable synthetic replacements for the leather used for heated seats and steering wheel covers, and that the company now has no plans to begin advertising. "There is absolutely not", Musk said.

Investors and Tesla watchers, however, expect Musk to tout high delivery numbers in 2019's second quarter, so far, and increased global sales. "We'll do whatever we have to to ensure that we can scale at the fastest rate possible". Musk didn't specify whether a new model or a rumored revision would reach the 400-mile battery range.

Musk also hinted that the company has a design for what he called a "submarine vehicle", which he believes would attract a small, yet enthusiastic, market.