Google Drive, Google Photos will not sync with each other anymore

Google Photos stops syncing with Google Drive in July

Google Photos stops syncing with Google Drive in July

The Google Photos folder within Drive will no longer automatically sync with Google Photos.

Your current files will remain intact, but new files will need to be manually synced.

When you delete photos and videos in Drive, they will not be removed from Photos. Likewise, new photos and videos added to Photos will not be added to the Photos folder in Drive too. In July of 2019, Google will sort-of separate Google Photos and Google Drive. In short, they confirm changes that were predicted last month following discovery of references to the change in updated APKs - Google Photos and Google Drive will no longer share your photos between them.

Changes are coming to "simplify" experience going forward, according to Google.

For those who use both Google Drive and Google Photos, there is sometimes some confusion about syncing between the two which can sometimes lead to photos doubling up and taking up precious space in your shared Google storage.

So Google has made a decision to retire the file syncing on July 10 in order to "prevent accidental" image deletions, Google said in a Wednesday blog post. Users claimed that the system was confusing and led to some accidentally deleting photos and videos from the Drive folder not knowing that the file would also get deleted from Google Photos (or vice versa).

Once changes take effect, deleting a photo or video in Google Drive won't delete it from Google Photos, and vice versa. So when you delete one in Drive, the original in Photos will remain.

To replace it, Google is introducing a new feature on the Google Photos' website called "Upload from Drive", which will let you manually pick photos and video you want to import from your Google Drive account. Copied items are not linked back to the original service.

Confused? Like we said, Google is simplifying things a little bit, but it's still certainly not streamlined.

For the photos and video you have already uploaded before July, only one thing will change. Is this better or worse than before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.