Woman posts freakish video showing 'Dobby'-looking creature in her driveway

With over 4.9 million views the clip was flooded with users trying to guess what the creature could

With over 4.9 million views the clip was flooded with users trying to guess what the creature could

Well, this one is pretty hard to refute.

Video footage from Vivian Gomez's house in the USA showed an alien/elf-like creature walking in the driveway. To her utter surprise, she found an "elf" like creature in her driveway, hobbling away from the camera. Wobbling and flapping its arms, the creature can be seen walking quickly from the home before disappearing into the darkness.

She shared the video on Facebook, saying she woke up on Sunday morning and saw it on her camera. Ms Gomez, in the comments section of her Facebook post, denied these allegations and wrote: "this wasn't altered or photoshopped and no trick photography".

Gomez doesn't know what the creature is.

She added that her other two security cameras "didn't pick it up for some reason".

Since the initial posting on Thursday, the video has circulated across social media platforms.

Naturally, the clip has now racked up more than 5.5 million views, with followers desperate for an explanation.

The video has been viewed more than six million times with many commenters quick to play up the Harry Potter angle.

Vivian added in the comments that she has "watched it over and over and keep lights on inside now".

Harry Potter fans have begun speculating that the house elf Dobby has been set free.

Dobby died during the sixth installment of the wizard series, Harry Potter and the Death Hallows-Part 1. Although it appears like someone is playing a prank on the poor lady, people also couldn't help but notice how the "creature" looks a lot like the Harry Potter character.

Someone tried to point out that it's probably an alien but we're not so convinced.

"I have the chills!"

Despite the theories, there hasn't been any confirmation on who or what the creature actually is.

Others pointed out the video may be fake.