Google Unveils Stadia for a November 2019 Release

Details about Google Stadia have been revealed before the 9am press event (watch it here!), here's what we know so far

Details about Google Stadia have been revealed before the 9am press event (watch it here!), here's what we know so far

A $9.99 monthly subscription along with the $69 Stadia controller and Google Chromecast is all that is needed for initial users to have access to over 30 games, including big titles by Electronic Arts EA and Take-Two Interactive's TTWO 2K such as National Basketball Association 2K and Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. The free tier is also limited to 1080p resolution and stereo sound.

It's probably good for the health of the games industry that Google isn't going for a Spotify-style model that would pay developers based on how many times their game is launched, or on how many hours it's played (which some devs were concerned about when Stadia was announced), but it makes the service a decidedly less attractive alternative for us.

Powered by Google Stadia's server farms, Tequila Works have been able to lavish their game with some lovely looking graphics and moody lighting.

Will you pick up a Stadia at launch?

Some titles will get a discount if you purchase via a Stadia Pro subscription, too. Additional games will be announced at the E3 conference next week and later this summer, the company said. For all the talk of lowering the barriers to console-quality games, prospective players don't seem to have a problem buying an actual gaming system and avoiding the vagaries of streaming.

The YouTube link is also crucial to Stadia's unique features, such as the ability to dive straight into a multiplayer game from a live YouTube video, joining the same session that you were just watching being streamed.

To note, the Google Stadia data usage figures that are now available may be consistent with what many have been expecting from the platform. This type of access can be compared to a Steam account - only with game streaming instead of game downloads.

It all adds up to 1TB after streaming games at 4K for 65 hours per month, assuming you don't budget that data for binge-watching every movie and TV show on Netflix. Check out the table at the end.

Android TV device owners can of course buy a Chromecast and then use it to play Stadia games when the service launches in November, however, that will largely be buying the hardware for the sole goal of Stadia - which somewhat ironically goes against the "you don't need to buy devices" mantra set out by the service.

Alternatively, Android TV device owners can simply use a alternative device in the meantime while waiting for Google to flick the switch on Android TV support. Also debuting on the console will be RPG sequel Baldurs' Gate III, the existence of which was revealed for the first time at the Stadia launch.

It will become available in November in the following countries: Belgium, Finland, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the USA. The work around would be to use Google Chrome and stream via the browser but until we can get hands on, we're unsure how seamless of an experience that will be on mobile. Starting from around 20 Mb/s you can move up to 1080p resolution and 5.1 surround. A 35 Mb/s connection is recommended for the best possible experience with 4K HDR.