Breach at billing collection agency hits LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics patients

More than 7 million LabCorp patients might have had their information stolen, feds say

More than 7 million LabCorp patients might have had their information stolen, feds say

Does Quest Diagnostics plan to provide notice to each affected consumer, or will it rely on a consumer-initiated checks to inform them?

The information which was stored on the affected system of the American Medical Collection Agency system is inclusive of bank account information, medical information, credit card numbers, personal information as well as the Social Security numbers, as per told by the SEC filing.

The AMCA hack exposed the personal, financial and medical data on some 11.9 million patients of Quest Diagnostics.

Quest Diagnostics has warned its 12 million customers that their personal, financial and medical data may have been exposed.

The information on AMCA's systems included medical information and financial information, but AMCA had nothing to do with laboratory tests and, therefore, the tests were not impacted by the breach.

Billing collections vendor American Medical Collection Agency is alerting almost 200,000 clients that a data breach may have exposed their patients' credit card or banking information.

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AMCA has said its investigation into the cybersecurity incident is ongoing.

Quest Diagnostics and Optum 360 requested information from AMCA about the breach, but AMCA has yet to provide complete, detailed information about the incident to them, the SEC report also said.

In its press release, Quest stated that the AMCA first notified Quest and Optum360 - a Quest contractor - of "potential unauthorized activity on AMCA's web payment page" on May 14, 2019.

What processes does Quest Diagnostics have in place to ensure that the companies it outsources patient information to responsibly protect their patients' information?

LabCorp said it takes the incident seriously, has suspended any work with AMCA and is continuing to investigate the matter.

Quest also said it has stopped using AMCA for billing and that it was using "forensic experts" to examine the issue.