President Trump fan hit by milkshake as protesters shout ‘Nazi scum’

Widgets on the iPad home screen for the first time

Widgets on the iPad home screen for the first time

If Donald Trump hasn't seen the protesters, or whether he's just claiming to be better, only he can answer for yourself.

But when Trump was asked about the protests he said that he barely saw any and that the reports were "fake news". Instead, thousands of people had stood in the streets, cheering and American and British flags, and swinging.

Trump's narrative, added the newspaper, contrasted sharply with what those on the (protest) march actually witnessed, as well as the official police figures and the numbers given by the organisers.

"There is tremendous potential in that trade deal - I say probably two and even three times of what we are doing right now".

The six-metre tall blimp - which came to fame amid demonstrations in London - made its first appearance in Irish skies this afternoon above the Garden of Remembrance in Parnell Square, where a protest is planned for 6pm. There was great love. He had only seen a "very, very small group" of protesters. So it was fake news.

A ring of steel was thrown around locations where Trump was either staying or visiting, with protesters kept as far away as possible from the Trump entourage. Trump told reporters at a news conference beside May at the Foreign Office, a day after he and First Lady Melania Trump were given the royal treatment at Buckingham Palace by Queen Elizabeth.

But "because of the way British police placed security barriers", the newspaper explained, "m$3 ost of the demonstrators were out of his sight". There also was a parade-sized balloon depicting Trump as a baby, and a giant statue of Trump wearing an "impeach me" hat and sitting on a toilet with a phone in his hands.

The six-metre high blimp, which depicts Donald Trump as a snarling, diaper-wearing orange baby, was a rallying point for thousands of anti-Trump protesters who packed central London on Tuesday and tens of thousands who protested in the city against a trip past year.

Trump and his wife Melania were welcomed to Buckingham Palace on their first day in London by the Queen, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and attended together a series of events commemorating the anniversary of the D-Day landings and celebrating the special relationship between the United Kingdom and the US.