Over 2,000 Ebola cases in DR Congo - two-thirds fatal

"Worryingly, the number of Ebola cases has increased significantly in recent weeks to between 15-20 new cases per day", it said in a press release.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for an attack in an area of eastern Congo stricken by the second-worst Ebola outbreak on record.

The outbreak reached 1,000 cases in March, more than seven months after it was first detected last August and it has taken less than three more months to pass the 2,000 figure. Each attack keeps health workers from the crucial work of vaccinating people and tracking thousands of contacts of victims.

The Allied Democratic Forces, a group with links to ISIS, said that it had killed or wounded 25 people in an attack on government troops in the town of Beni.

Militia attacks have hindered treatment and complicated the United Nations's response to the crisis.

"This outbreak will only end when communities are engaged and leading the response efforts themselves", Nicole Fassina, Ebola co-ordinator with the IFRC, said in a statement.

Aid agencies are warning that the grim figure of 2,000 means there should be a rethink to the response.

International Development Secretary Rory Stewart has called for other countries to step in to help overstretched local health services take control with the death toll standing at more than 1,300.

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Responders face twin obstacles: resistance from communities that believe Ebola is a conspiracy made up by aid agencies and the government, and from armed groups seeking to stoke instability for their own gain.

Oxfam's Congo country director Corinne N'Daw said there is no point in having the treatment if people won't use it.

A mob killed an Ebola health worker and looted a clinic in the village of Vusahiro earlier this month.

Between January and May there were more than 40 attacks on health facilities.

But Modeste Bakwanamaha, the mayor of Beni, said the group had in fact butchered 13 civilians with guns and knives in an assault late on Monday.

The incident comes a few days after the Congolese army said they had killed 26 ADF members in the same region.

"In Butembo, the current epicentre of the outbreak, doctors and nurses are being threatened and health centres attacked regularly, hampering the response and forcing the IRC and other aid agencies to frequently suspend operations".

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