Uber Launches 'Quiet Mode' for Customers Who Don't Want a Talkative Driver

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A recent YouGov poll found that 55% of Brits admit to being rude to their Siri, Alexa or Google Home devices, with 30% of men claiming they never say please and thank you.

TechCrunch reports that riders in the United States who book premium Uber Black and Uber Black SUV rides can choose "Quiet Mode" to signal to drivers that they're not interested in a conversation other than at pickup and drop-off.

Help with Luggage: you can let your driver know ahead of time that you need help with your bags.

Sounds ideal right? Many of us have had experienced the pain of constant attempts at conversation when trying to catch a quick nap in the back of a ride, but what kind of journey are we embarking on as a society with Uber's quiet mode?

Apparently Quiet Mode is something passengers have been asking for for a while, and Uber product manager Aydin Ghajar tells TechCrunch, "We're looking to create more differentiation between the premium products and the regular products to encourage more [premium] trips". According to The Verge, Uber riders can request that drivers help them with their luggage ahead of time, and they can even request specific auto temperatures, too.

Uber Black and Uber Black SUV riders are given temperature control, allowing them to request their preferred temperature before entering the vehicle.

Passengers can also select "happy to chat" or "no preference" in the app.

Riders receive extended pickup periods and premium support, offering live agents to address any ongoing issues.

But the change is only one of several coming to the Uber Black luxury auto.

Uber said the effort to improve the service was based on feedback form riders, who said they wanted to communicate their preferences to drivers before a trip started.

With this one, users will also get to use other features that will be enabled such as the one where you can request help with your luggage from the driver.