Spotify testing voice-controlled Car Thing, but you may never see one

Spotify wants to be in your car

Spotify wants to be in your car

Ever since its inception all those years ago, Spotify has focused exclusively on software. At the end of the day, though, Spotify makes it very clear that the company has no "current plans" to make the Car Thing available to consumers and it's only part of a test - so you might not get to buy the device for your own car anytime soon.

At the beginning of the year, we reported Spotify was working on a voice-controlled in-car music-playing gadget, which would connect to the vehicle via Bluetooth to stream your favorite tunes. In a blog post to its website, Spotify maintains that its primary focus will continue to be on improving its streaming service, and that isn't about to change to building hardware.

Car Thing is a voice-activated device that plugs into a vehicle's 12-volt outlet and connects to the user's phone and car stereo using Bluetooth.

The device has a small screen, as well as multiple buttons, and integrated far-field microphones for voice control.

The Verge says the experiment has been going on privately for a while, but Spotify only officially communicated about it today. Today, the company confirmed such a device exists, but it's actually a prototype created to learn how people listen to music while driving, meaning it won't be commercially available. The Car Thing is essentially a less versatile Anker Roav Bolt powered by an unnamed Google Assistant rival. that's unlikely to ever see daylight on anything resembling a wide scale.

"Car Thing", as the device is being called for now, is only being tested in the US, with a small group of invited premium subscribers.

Spotify even said the company might do similar tests for the Voice Thing and Home Thing in the future, so that should be interesting too.