Madonna Eurovision appearance is finally confirmed

Eurovision Song Contest 2019 - First Semi-Final - Live Stream

Eurovision Song Contest 2019 - First Semi-Final - Live Stream

The Queen of pop's performance was confirmed on Thursday after weeks of controversy as protestors repeatedly told the 60-year-old to pull out as they believed her appearance would promote the country's political agenda.

Madonna, however, was not in the run-through, although most of the audience, which consisted of locals and much of the 1,200 press in Israel for the event, hoped the Material Girl would show up to practice the two songs she is expected to perform - "Like A Prayer" and a new single "Future" - with American rapper Quavo and a 35-member choir.

'If we do not have a signed contract she can not perform on our stage'. The news came despite the music legend's scheduled arrival in Tel Aviv aboard the private jet of Israeli-Canadian billionaire Sylvan Adams. "I hope and pray that we will soon break free from this awful cycle of destruction and create a new path towards peace", she added.

But her participation brought a storm of protest from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which has for years been pushing for investors and artists to shun Israel over decades-long occupation of Palestinian territories.

Eurovision is a beloved annual global event in which countries compete against each other for the best original song.

'Performing live during the biggest entertainment show in the world will be a special moment for everyone - not least the fans. Afterwards, viewers in each country can then vote for their favorites, excluding the song from their own nation, with points awarded by ranking. The country with the most points is declared the victor.

In return, the Queen of Pop gets the flawless platform to hit her target fanbase - and some 189 million viewers globally - with a taste of her forthcoming album Madame X, her 14 studio effort.

After the second semifinal on Thursday in Tel Aviv, the countries selected to advance to Saturday's finale were Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Malta, Russia, Albania, Norway, The Netherlands, North Macedonia and Azerbaijan.

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