FDA tattoo ink recall: Contaminated ink prompts FDA warning to consumers

A tattoo of a bison

A tattoo of a bison

Anyone who has experienced an infection or injury as a result of being tattooed with the ink should see their doctor immediately and alert their artist of the issue.

Tattoo artists and retailers should avoid using or selling the inks mentioned above.

The FDA says it plans to work with manufacturers and retailers to remove the contaminated inks from the market. They pose the risk of serious infection and injury.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said the six types of inks manufactured by Scalp Aesthetics, Dynamic Color Inc. and Color Art Inc. contained microorganisms that can cause infections or other health injuries when they're injected into people's skin.

Food and Drug Administration officials recalled several types of tattoo ink this week over worries that they could be contaminated with unsafe bacteria. "There is an increased risk of infection any time the skin barrier is broken", the agency noted. Some tattoo infections can also cause permanent scarring.

One of them is the popular black ink made by Dynamic Color.

In watching for possible infections from tattoo ink, look for rashes of red pimples around there the ink was used.