Donald Trump’s doomed immigration plan helps, harms Indian hopefuls

Donald Trump’s doomed immigration plan helps, harms Indian hopefuls

Donald Trump’s doomed immigration plan helps, harms Indian hopefuls

Trump noted that the United States used to take pride in "our ability to instill the Spirit of America into any human heart" - explicitly rejecting ethnic nationalism in favor of a civic one - and framed the overhaul in terms of bringing the U.S. in line with countries like Canada, which takes in large numbers of immigrants under a merit-based points system.

He said immigrants would be "required to learn English and to pass a civics exam prior to admission".

White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway defended the proposal in a Fox News interview Thursday night, saying it was "not the final word". The system would award points for migrants who are qualified for high-wage jobs, have job offers in the United States, or have plans to create jobs in the country. Approximately 2.2 million are in the category for siblings of USA citizens, about 950,000 are the adult children of United States citizens and another 470,000 are spouses and minor or adult unmarried children of lawful permanent residents. But the plan is a major change from the current immigration system, which has been largely based on family connections. "Our proposal fulfils our sacred duty to those living here today, while ensuring America remains a welcoming country to immigrants joining us tomorrow". In keeping with his campaign promises, Trump said, "America's immigration system should bring in people who will expand opportunity for striving, low-income Americans, not to compete with those low-income Americans". So far, only $8.5 billion of that has been paid directly to farmers - and, the New York Daily News reported Thursday, $62 million of the bailout went to a Brazilian pork processing company that doesn't appear to be struggling under the trade war and is owned by two Brazilian brothers who can't leave Brazil because they are being investigated for corruption.

"The vast majority of USA legal immigrants are family-sponsored, yet the US immigrant population works at higher rates than the USA -born population", said David Bier of the libertarian Cato Institute, who notes that almost half of family-sponsored immigrants have college degrees, a much higher rate than USA -born adults. Factors such as age, English language ability and employment offers would also be considered.

The plan would reduce the numbers of visas the government sets aside for refugees. It also would end the government's diversity visa lottery program.

A Forbes analysis noted, "Under the proposal, more than 4 million people waiting in family and employment-based green card backlogs would have their immigration applications eliminated, even if they have been waiting in line for years to immigrate." .

Unlike the RAISE act (Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy), which Sens.

Efforts to reform the US immigration system have failed for nearly 30 years.

Trump's new plan has been months in the making, a project of his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who has been meeting privately with business groups, religious leaders and conservatives to find common ground among Republicans on an issue that has long divided the party.

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He said the plan would make USA immigration "the envy of the modern world" by attracting the highly qualified, in line with what he said were the more competitive policies used by Australia and Canada.

Lisa Koop, director of legal services at the National Immigrant Justice Center, called Trump's plan "a political stunt meant to posture rather than problem-solve".

My plan expedites relief for legitimate asylum seekers by screening out the meritless claims.

DACA is short for the term Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. It is a policy that protects young people brought to the US illegally as children from being sent back to their homeland.

White House senior adviser Stephen Miller (L) walks past as U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin (C) talks with economic adviser Larry Kudlow on the West Wing colonnade at U.S. President Donald Trump's speech about his administration's proposals to change U.S. immigration policy in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, U.S., May 16, 2019.

Senator Lindsey Graham of SC is a Republican and a close ally of Trump. I am hopeful this proposal will open negotiations. It adds to the border wall with Mexico to deter illegal arrivals.

The plan also calls for building border wall in targeted locations and continues to push for an overhaul to the USA asylum system, with the goal of processing fewer applications and more quickly removing people who don't qualify.

"Obviously, it isn't going anywhere", said Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies.

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