Teen Kills Herself After Instagram Poll Results Tell Her To

Malaysian teen took own life after Instagram poll

Malaysian teen took own life after Instagram poll

After the death of a 16-year-old girl who was believed to have committed suicide after running a poll amongst her friends on social media on whether she should end her life, lawyers are calling for those abetting one to attempt suicide to be made an offence as well.

An Instagram rep says a review by the site after the girl's death found 90% of the respondents chose "life" for her, but Aidil thinks the number may have shifted after word got out she had possibly taken her own life.

"Although it is still too early to determine what exactly happened, it is possible that the girl was suffering from depression and contemplated suicide as a result".

The teen wrote an Instagram post which said "Really Important, Help Me Choose D/L", where "D" stood for "die" and "L" stood for live.

Ramkarpal Singh, a lawyer and member of parliament, said that those who voted for the teenager to die could be guilty of abetting suicide.

"Would she have heeded the advice of netizens to seek professional help had they done so?"

"It is very unfortunate a young life was lost in this manner", he said.

While social media can offer teens a sense of community and personal voice, it can also impact their mental well-being.

"With respect, classifying the case as sudden death at this stage may not be the right decision without such further investigations", he said.

Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq tweeted that he was "genuinely worried" about the state of mental health of young people in Malaysia.

Wong Ching Yee, Instagram's head of communications in the Asia-Pacific, revealed that after the poll ran for 24 hours, the votes had swung to 88 percent in favor of choosing to keep living.

Instagram extended its sympathies to the teenager's family, and said the company had a responsibility to make its users feel safe and supported.

Legal experts questioned whether those who encouraged her suicide could be held responsible for the death.

"As part of our own efforts, we urge everyone to use our reporting tools and to contact emergency services if they see any behavior that puts people's safety at risk".

In February this year, Instagram moved to ban graphic images and posts related to self-harm from its own platform, citing a need to protect vulnerable users.