Original Google Pixel owners could receive up to $500 for faulty microphone

OnePlus 7 vs. Pixel 3a

OnePlus 7 vs. Pixel 3a

Google and Huawei have previously settled a class action lawsuit over bootloop issues on Google's Nexus 6P, while LG has settled a lawsuit over bootloop issues on several Android phones, including Google's Nexus 5X. How much cash? Up to $500.

Google first admitted there was an issue back in March 2017.

Google is getting ready to spend millions to settle a class-action lawsuit against the first-generation Pixel. Worse still is the fact Google was at one point sending out replacement handsets that still carried the same fault.

Soon after their launch in October 2016, hundreds of Pixel owners reported not being able to make calls, record audio with the camera app, or use Google Assistant because of a hardware fault that affected the microphone. The deal affects Pixels manufactured before January 4, 2017, according to CNET, which obtained a copy of the agreement. You'll also need proof of purchase for the phone unless you've already been contacted by the Settlement Administration.

The amount claimants are entitled to depends on how far down the Pixel defect rabbit hole they traveled. However, if your Pixel device did suffer the microphone issue, then Google will pay you $350.

Those who did not report experiencing the audio defect are still eligible to be paid $20 by Google, while those who received a third-party insurance payment for the audio defect will be judged on an individual basis to reimburse those costs.

For now, you can't sign up to be a claimant because the settlement hasn't been ratified by a court.

The settlement still needs preliminary approval, which is due to take place on June 5.

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