Lawyers say Tiger Woods' restaurant destroyed evidence to hide guilt

Tiger Woods during practice

Tiger Woods during practice

The parents of a drunk driver who crashed his vehicle and died last December are suing Tiger Woods and his girlfriend over their son's death.

Woods expressed condolences to the family of Nicholas Immesberger, who died on December 10 after his shift at The Woods restaurant in Jupiter following a night of heavy drinking. Nicholas F. Immesberger crashed his vehicle while under the influence back in December of 2018 and his parents chose to hit Woods with a lawsuit.

During a press conference, Woods addressed the lawsuit against him, saying that 'We are all very sad that Nick passed away.

Woods' comments came just one day after the 43-year-old was sued by Immesberger's family. As a result of this negligence Immesberger crashed his vehicle and died on December 10, 2018, after leaving The Woods'. "It was a awful night, a awful ending and we feel bad for him and his entire family".

A police said Immesberger lost control of his vehicle on his way home and swerved across three lanes before going airborne and overturning. Immesberger had a blood alcohol level of.256, three times Florida's legal limit, when he fatally crashed his auto.

The lawsuit also states Woods and the other defendants "had direct knowledge that Immesberger had a habitual problem with alcohol", yet continued to serve him at the bar, adding that they "not only ignored Immesberger's disease, they fueled it".

Family attorney Spencer Kuvin said Tuesday that Florida law holds that when a business over-serves someone known to be addicted to alcohol, that business is responsible for what occurs. "Tiger is individually liable in this action because he individually participated in the serving of alcohol to Immesberger", the suit states.

"Nick was a good kid, a amusing kid", said Scott Duchene, Immesberger's father, according to USA Today. I feel he should still be here with us.

The family's suit seeks more than $15,000 in damages, according to the Post.