Fernando Alonso walks away from crash during practice for Indy 500

Doug Boles

Doug Boles

"It was pure understeer on the auto, and even though I lifted the throttle on the entry to the corner, it was not enough and the wall was too close and came too quickly", said Alonso.

Alonso, the retired Formula One champion, is making his second appearance in the Indy 500 in his quest to win motorsports' version of the Triple Crown. In all, the McLaren Racing driver made contact with the wall three different times.

Alonso climbed out of the vehicle on his own power.

"Pure understeer on the auto, I lifted the throttle, and it was not enough", Alonso said. "I lost it completely".

"Unfortunately, it happened today".

"Mistake from my side [by] underestimating the grip in T3 today", Alonso wrote.

Alonso, who was taken to the medical centre and released after checks, said: "We will lose a little bit of running time again".

McLaren spent most of opening day Tuesday battling electrical issues that forced the team to change both the alternator and wiring loom.

The crash is Alonso's first in an IndyCar at the Indianapolis 500 and the first practice crash by anyone while prepping for this year's race. I'm sorry for the team, but we will learn and hopefully we will come back stronger tomorrow.

"We worked quite a lot on the vehicle and definitely now it's quite damaged, so I feel sorry for the team and for my mistake, hopefully tomorrow we're back on track and back stronger". He also competed in the 2017 race, but after a promising day as the race rookie led two dozen laps, he suffered engine failure and finished 24th.