Three dead bodies with arrow wounds found in hotel room in Germany

3 Bodies With Crossbow Bolts in them Found in Hotel Room

3 Bodies With Crossbow Bolts in them Found in Hotel Room

Three dead bodies were found in a Bavarian hotel room on Saturday noon with crossbow bolts in their bodies.

The two female corpses were found in the town of Gifhorn, near the city of Hanover.

On Saturday morning, a room cleaner found their bodies, with two crossbows nearby plus a third unused crossbow in a bag.

The other two in the hotel room were a man and woman found in bed, hand-in-hand, impaled with several arrows.

Two other deaths, within the northern German teach of Saxony, are nearly definitely linked, police said Monday.

The relationship between the three victims - a man in his fifties and two women aged 30 and 33 - was not immediately clear.

PHOTO:A guesthouse is pictured at the river "Ilz" in Passau, Germany, May 13, 2019.

"There would possibly be now no indication of the doubtless participation of folks" Passau police wrote in a assertion launched on Monday.

A police spokesperson confirmed that the two corpses in Wittingen, Lower Saxony, had not been killed by crossbow bolts, "the modus operandi can not be compared".

An autopsy should provide further information on the circumstances of death and the results should be available on Tuesday, the Passau public prosecutor's office announced on Monday.

But a guest who was staying there the night in question told Passauer Neue Presse: 'It was a completely quiet night'.

They had booked a room with a double bed and single bed for three nights, checking in on Friday, without ordering breakfast.

A horrified maid discovered the bodies of a man and two women who were brutally killed by crossbow at a hotel.


The town is a popular tourist spot, especially for hikers heading into the Bavarian Forest.