Rep. Tlaib defends comments about Palestine, the Holocaust

Tlaib Palestinians created ‘safe haven’ for Jews after the Holocaust

Tlaib Palestinians created ‘safe haven’ for Jews after the Holocaust

Before the day was out, progressive allies key to Democrats' hopes for election gains in 2020 were fundraising off the notion that Republicans had used the Holocaust for a "cheap, racist" and "political" attack.

Separately, the Times of Israel reported that Tlaib and other freshmen Congressmen would visit the West Bank on Aug.17-22.

Omar was simply attempting to distance her community from the acts of terrorists from across the globe and her comments were taken wildly out of context by the president who tweeted a disturbing video that made Omar out to be a terrorist. She shared a missive by activist Yousef Munayyer, who criticized the headline of a New York Times story that read "Gaza Militants Fire 250 Rockets, and Israel Responds with Airstrikes".

Tlaib, the first Palestinian-American woman elected to the US Congress, said during a recent Yahoo News podcast that when she thinks of the Holocaust she remembers that Palestinians "lost their land and some lost their lives" all "in the name of trying to create a safe haven for Jews". And what's incredibly - you know, the tragedy of the Holocaust - I mean, the reason why Israel was created was to create a safe haven for Jews around the world and there is something, in many ways, attractive about that my ancestors, many had died or had to give up their livelihood, their human dignity to provide a safe haven for Jews in our world. They did, however, uncover extensive evidence that, particularly later in the conflict, Israeli forces deliberately uprooted entire Palestinian villages and towns as part of the war effort. "And I love the fact that it was my ancestors that provided that in many ways", said Tlaib.

It's no surprise to see Tlaib's anti-Semitism wrapped in gross revisionist history, or to see her double down and call her critics racists.

"In fact, she repeatedly called the Holocaust a tragedy and a horrific persecution of Jewish people", he said.

Several Republicans condemned Tlaib's statement with criticisms ranging from insensitive to anti-Semitic. "And, we went yesterday from a situation where the Democratic leadership in the House had sort of been enabling this anti-Semitism by their silence".

The president's own attorney also weighed in, claiming to link ancestors of Muslims to that of Adolf Hitler, the lead architect of the Holocaust.

One aspect of this narrative, best articulated in Columbia University historian Rashid Khalidi's book, "Iron Cage", is the notion that Palestinians were wrong to have accommodated Jews in the decades leading up to the 1948 Arab-Israeli War-what the Palestinians call al nakba, the "catastrophe"-and that they should have fought them instead. He murdered Jews. He did everything he could to destroy a Jewish homeland", he tweeted on Tuesday".

It's like the GOP forgot that the president once characterized a group of white nationalists who chanted "The Jews will not replace us" as "very fine people".

"Please help her fight back and keep this bold progressive fighter in Congress".

Democratic lawmakers staunchly defended Tlaib.

Tlaib then said she would continue to "speak truth to power" and uplift her grandmother through love and continue to share the Palestinian perspective. "This must cross the line, even for them", Cheney wrote.

"I think most fourth graders know what the Holocaust was and she apparently doesn't", Cheney replied while appearing on "Fox and Friends". She soothes her rage with the fabulist belief that the sacrifices of Palestinians paved the way for Israel now to exist-hence her weird "calming feeling" remark. You don't need to agree with Tlaib about anything to recognize that she's being thoughtful rather than hateful here. In a tweet, she said people were taking her words out of context.