Lenovo has made a foldable ThinkPad PC because, er, reasons

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IMG_0600 2

Lenovo, the legendary computer hardware experimenter (remember its dual-screen, half e-ink Yoga Book?), announced today what it's calling the world's first foldable Windows PC.

Wake up, fold it into a book, and start the day scanning your social media feeds in bed. It needs to be expanded directly when the big screen is needed (providing a full keyboard and a complete Windows system experience), and users can also use it as a tablet device. In the official press materials, Lenovo says this is not a phone, tablet or a hybrid, but a full-fledged notebook with a foldable screen.

Hit your commute on the bus or train and morph it into a clamshell to catch up on emails. "On the inside, it comes with a 13.3" foldable display that pushes 2K resolution in a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Get into the office, dock it into your multi-monitor setup and get to work. Well, kind of. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 prototype you're about to see will launch in the first half of 2020 for an undisclosed price.

As it's a touchscreen, you'll be able to use a pen to write on it like a full-screen huge tablet, take notes, etch some drawings or mock-ups and more.

After lunch, set up the stand and use its mechanical keyboard to type out a few work emails.

We think the success of this device will come down to the touch controls - Lenovo will really need to nail the onscreen keyboard to woo professionals with this thing.

In the laptop mode, the top part of the display acts as a 9.6in screen while the bottom part can be used to navigate apps or serve up a virtual keyboard.

The foldable X1 will offer the high degree of durability that ThinkPads are known for, as the device will be able to withstand conditions such as cold, heat, vibration, humidity, shock and altitude, Lenovo said. Unlike Samsung's device, Lenovo is taking a more cautious approach with this device by unveiling it and putting in reviewer hands as a prototype. The 13s with Intel integrated graphics also has rapid charging capabilities, restoring 80 percent of battery life with just an hour's charge.