Joe Biden Responds To Ocasio-Cortez Criticizing His Climate Change Plan

Los Angeles California. The rising political star is on her third trip away from New York in three weeks and is projected to become the younges

Los Angeles California. The rising political star is on her third trip away from New York in three weeks and is projected to become the younges

The crew assembled for Tuesday's episode of Outnumbered discussed the alleged split between the establishment Democratic candidates (i.e. Joe Biden) and the more progressive part of the party, best represented by Fox News lightning rod Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

The rally comes as rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination criticize former Vice President Joe Biden over his yet-to-be-released climate plan. "I'm sure she will get the time to look at it".

At a rally for the Green New Deal attended by about 1,500 activists at Howard University, speaker after speaker criticized Biden's reported position, which Reuters attributed to a campaign adviser last week. "You'll find that nobody has been more consistent about taking on the environment and the green revolution".

The New York Democrat noted that numerous Green New Deal's critics were in office decades ago and held on to their seats as carbon emissions skyrocketed and NASA scientists began warning that the climate was changing as a result. He said he would deliver a major speech by the end of the month further detailing his environmental and climate change plans. "There's so much we can do". The proposal has broad support among Democratic activists and 2020 presidential contenders, putting it at the forefront of the party's sprawling presidential primary.

Sen. John Barrasso, R, Wyo., slammed the Green New Deal in a Fox News interview on Tuesday just a day after Rep.

Markey, who also spoke at the rally, said Republicans who denounce the plan as socialism ignore more than a century of tax breaks for the oil industry. "We need a large-scale national mobilization to defeat climate change and grow millions of jobs in a clean energy economy". Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and 104 members of Congress who have pledged to back the Green New Deal.

The vote carried its own political risk for Republicans by appearing to mock climate change, an issue that a growing number of Americans care deeply about.

The tension was on display Monday night as a large crowd of liberal activists repeatedly booed references to a report that the former vice president would seek a "middle ground" on what they consider a defining issue among the crowded Democratic field.

Slipping into her thickest Virginia accent, McDowell asked Williams, "Is AOC toxic to a Democrat candidate who really wants to win against Donald Trump because she's proposing essentially sending your gas prices up $5 a gallon, that would be the ultimate result of her Green New Deal", she said, offering no evidence of the claim.