HTC announces plans for the Exodus 1s, a cheaper blockchain smartphone

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HTC Introduces New Phone with Bitcoin Full Node Support

Image Source Shutterstock HTC Introduces New Phone with Bitcoin Full Node Support

HTC's Decentralized Chief Officer Phil Chen notes that sales of the Exodus have met expectations, but that could mean a lot of things. Moreover, HTC says that the phone will be capable of acting as a full Bitcoin node; a feature that Peter Chen, CEO of HTC, says is a "really important piece of the pie" for the Bitcoin ecosystem. The device maker priced its new smartphone between $250 and $300, which is less than half the original price of the Exodus 1. First introduced with the Exodus 1 earlier this year, the Zion Vault stores cryptocurrency keys in a trusted execution environment, allowing users to easily own and spend cryptocurrencies without exposing them to malicious applications.

HTC wants to help grow the network for app devs so more people will benefit and use Bitcoin.

By launching a smartphone created to run a full node, HTC hopes that more people will help to keep the bitcoin network running and by that also make it more stable and secure. You'll just be one of the extremely cool kids with an entire Bitcoin node in your pocket.

To reduce the amount of storage consumed by the blockchain history, the Exodus 1s employs a method called pruning, which significantly reduces the size of the blockchain file.

The next step for HTC is to make sure users contribute to the decentralized network, and they want to encourage that by allowing users to run their own nodes.

Full nodes are used to broadcast and verify transactions, thereby ensuring that no coin can be spent twice and no user can be prevented from making a transaction.

Chen said, "The company has always believed in an open source environment and that's now more important than ever as the tech world recognizes that the open source movement got hijacked into owning everybody's data". Once HTC launches the 1s, Chen expects the team to apply the experience from supporting a bitcoin node to other networks. "HTC will release further details on exact specification and cost over the coming months". By the way, this feature is also being added to the EXODUS 1. Initially, customers could only purchase the device with crypto, however, in February, HTC opened up fiat payment options.