European Union elections: Tories sink to fifth in London, poll shows

Ex-Defence Secretary Brands May’s Brexit Talks with Corbyn ‘Naive’ ‘Doomed’		27BEN STANSALL  AFP  Getty ImagesJOE MARKHAM12 May 2019

Ex-Defence Secretary Brands May’s Brexit Talks with Corbyn ‘Naive’ ‘Doomed’ 27BEN STANSALL AFP Getty ImagesJOE MARKHAM12 May 2019

Amid the seemingly endless stream of defeats and delays, polls are suggesting that May's Tories will bear the brunt of the blame from Brits angry and exhausted by the Brexit saga, and will be punished severely when the country goes to the ballot box next week.

Mr McDonnell insisted Labour had "compromised in some areas".

Senior Conservatives have written to Theresa May warning her not to compromise with Corbyn and he has also faced demands from his MPs to abandon the talks.

According to The Times, the letter said that such a deal would lose the support of Conservatives who backed the prime minister in March, and would be unlikely to gain enough Labour votes to pass.

"Thereafter, of course we're going to put a full slate of policies up before the public - political reform, more help for the regions, scrapping of ludicrous projects like HS2", he told the crowd in Featherstone, near Pontefract.

May has failed three times to get her Brexit deal passed by MPs.

The Brexit deadline was subsequently moved to October 31 with London obliged to participate in the European Parliament elections if the deal is not passed by May 23.

The spokesman said that ahead of a meeting of May's top team of ministers on Tuesday, the two sides "took stock across the range of issues discussed in talks over the last few weeks".

The Prime Minister's official spokesman said: "Ministers involved in the negotiations set out details of the compromises which the Government was prepared to consider in order to secure an agreement which would allow the United Kingdom to leave the European Union with a deal as soon as possible".

No date has so far been set for the summer recess, but Parliament usually rises towards the end of July.

Inside a customs union there would be no internal tariffs (taxes) on goods sold between the United Kingdom and remaining EU countries.

"Whether you believe in leaving or not, if you do leave you need to have the benefits of negotiating your own trade deals".

He said for some people, the election is being seen as nearly a second referendum on whether to leave the EU. Staying inside the customs union doesn't allow you to do that.

"Unfortunately it hasn't been respected and we have a remain Parliament, therefore Parliament has not been able to deliver on Brexit in the way it should have been delivered upon". "And at the moment there has not been much of a shift", he said.

The shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer and deputy leader Tom Watson have warned a deal will not get sufficient support unless a referendum is included as part of the package.